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Sleep study reveals 144 levels of consciousness in human brain

It has finally been proven beyond all doubt the human brain has multiple levels of consciousness .
It appears that the New Age hippies may have been correct all along. In a new study to be published in the J Sleep Research in June this year a team from Harvard Uni have found real evidence for as many as 144 levels of consciousness in the human brain. The study carried out under USPP guidelines showed 12 major levels of consciousness and each major level was composed of 12 minor levels giving the magic number 144. Curiously this number was predicted in earlier research carried out by one of CG Jung’s students.
Major Level 6 sublevel 6 is believed to be the normal awakened state for the middle aged male or female. The states vary with emotional, physical and neurological stress. It also appears that younger people exist in a different mental state to older people. Sexual feelings were found to change levels of consciousness as much as two whole major levels of consciousness.

Astropan Pratcholongtha, a well known proponent of the Rajji method of sleep awakeness said the 144 levels of consciousness was too many. He said the sacred texts had revealed only 77 but he did conceed that he had heard that a pupil from the Pranngthad school had counted 144 astral colours while astral travelling and these might well have been directly related to the levels of consciousness.

A spokesman for the US Army said that they would investigate the study thoughly as it could be valuable to help their service men and women ‘keep an even keel.’ The Catholic church criticised the study stating that studies on sleep when it is associated with sex should not be funded by the current administration.
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NOTE : this story was an April fools' day hoax made to look like a New Scientist article that I wrote for a friend who is interested in these topics. It's typical of deceptive literature on the internet. Be skeptical check the sources.

In this case - the author (A. WHopper), J Sleep Research, a team from Harvard Uni, USPP guidelines, CG Jungs student, Astropan Pratcholongtha, Ranjii method, Pranngthad school and miscellaneous spokesmen from the US army and Catholic church were all fictitious triggers to make them believe the article was authentic. Unfortunately it worked too well.

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