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Dodgy Dick the Fracking Engineer.

photo by Peter Boyle 2013.

Des Pensable (copyright) 2013.

Dodgy Dick the Fracking Engineer

I stopped at a little town called Tara to have a quiet beer,
I saw a bunch of blokes with fat wallets and grins from ear to ear.
They were talking about a great treasure that they had just found,
On some local farmer's paddock deep underground.
As I watched and listened one guy was louder than the rest,
He talked of oil and gas and getting rich with great zest.
The publican saw me watching and came over for a chat,
I asked who the clown was wearing the black cowboy hat.
The publican looked quiet sad as he poured me another beer,
and said that was Dodgy Dick the Fracking Engineer.
He came up here and offered the council great riches,
They signed an iron clad contract with him the bloody sons of bitches.
It all started quite simply when they gave a farmer twenty grand,
to drill a few small holes upon his dad's best farming land.
They bought in bulldozers and big trucks with rigs to bore,
They built roads everywhere and drilled holes by the score.
They built those bloody wells to extract coal seam gas they said,
They used all the town's water and put one near my backyard shed.
I can't sleep at night with the noise and my chooks have given up laying,
My missus said its made the kids sick and she's doing lots of praying.
My mate Bill said they dumped fracking fluid in his northern creek,
It poisoned all the bushes and killed some of his sheep.
The greenies and scientists say it'll ruin the Great Artesian Basin,
Poison all my drinking water and get Global Warming really racing.
The politicians have turned a blind eye to what's happening up here,
We'll make heaps of money they say, there's really nothing for you to fear.
So if you blokes at Bently don't want to suffer our sad fate,
Say NO to Dodgy Dick the Fracking Prick, and lock your Fracking Gate.

Updated 14th May 2014.

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